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Friday, May 28, 2004



i hear your pain! thank you for your transparency and courage!


"if the gospel is something which involves my whole body, if the kingdom of god is something which invades and redeems everything, there should be room on the lingering lemon of death for more that my personal reaction to post-structuralism (whatever that is)"

Thanks for this reminder - as it applies to my life...

And thanks for your talk about body and weight. Having just turned 44 as well, and struggling with weight issues myself, I hear you. I long to be comfortable in my body - accepting and integrated in my mind, emotions, body, and spirit. I'm trying to take it a step at a time, heading closer towards that goal...

Michael Main

Cool...sharing struggles, exploring life together...that's community and that's what it's all about. I'm looking forward to learning more about you.

I used to think I was okay as long as my belt size was less than my age...but that rationale started to fade along with the view of my shoes.

Keep it up...you'll get there.



As one of the temptors and fellow travelers down barbecue hell (jay, get thee behind me)I both commiserate and wonder if there is a way to get comfortable in our bodies in spite of the limitations. Of course, both our doctors and our culture says that the only way we will be whole is by losing 50 lbs (actually about 80 in my case). There is truth there (although I'm not sure it's absolute! :-) ) Yet is there not a place that we can get comfortable in who we are at the moment, warts and all.

I'm certainly not there. I'm the guy who hesitates to go to the pool with the kids because of my discomfort with my body. I'm the guy who gets wierded out by watching the chair massages at the EC. Being comfortable with myself seems to be as important for this almost 44 year old as losing the 80 lbs.

Next time you come to town we'll go for a long walk and eat tofu. But then again, maybe not.

Michael Toy

jay, i think for me, i have been too comfortable. but it has been a comfort fueled by denial and maybe also some of the evangelical eschatology, where the fact that my spirit will end up in heaven makes it less important what i do with my body.

i do hear the call to find peace even though i weigh more than 300 pounds (136 kg).

how about hickory smoked tofu in barbeque sauce?



I am glad I will be able to hear more about your life.

I was thinking of you the other day when I was eating a barbeque sandwich.
After the first bite I honored you by saying "Halleluiah!"


got some more photos in the mail from my mom in nashville ! all included you!
you are such a gift!
thanks again for all you did at the ec to help out!
and i'll send you the rv photos!
you rock!
keep up that bike riding! it is still one of the best parts of my emergent experience...riding old bikes with you and laci! lil

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