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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Joshua Rudd

I, for one, think putting the buttons at the top is genius. It's stuff like this — breaking the mold of how we think things should be — that shows us we've been doing it BACKWARDS. Nice job.

Oh, and I forgive you.

Phil Nolan

I saw the demo with this and my first thought was just that "why on top?" Then I looked at the guy holding it and imagined myself doing the same (I've held one before) and then suddenly realized the weight problem and understood. Though the user could have the option and it doesn't necessarily have to dragable, it could just be a toggle button or a setting in the options.


i've only watched my daughter play a simple Simpsons game on the iPad. interestingly, the controls were opaque and positioned in the center of the screen: joystick on the left and red and green buttons on the right (accounting for the weight issue and focusing on stationary hand, two thumb control). having the controls subtly in the game itself was intriguing. i can't wait to get an onlive account and pilot this genius work you've been up to.


Chrome's oversize navigation blocks: that's arrogant.

David Maddalena

I love how the marketing guy says, "we're really just demoing how quick and easy it is to port to a brand new platform". Easy for him.


The urge to use the iPad is getting eve stronger. I enjoyed reading the article and it have me all excited to experiment with the onlive account. Thanks for sharing such an enlightening article.


I enjoyed reading this on UI. Actually I don't own an iPad nor have touched one. I did work in the business of freelance graphic UI design for Hewlett-Packard and others for many years. Your article made me laugh out loud(I had forgotten those days); I remember sitting behind one way mirrors watching consumers try out a new GUI in the test lab. During those years I came to believe people in general don't know what they want or need, but once and a while come up with a few great gems of advice to improve the UI. There are some needed improvements in store for the iPad. Plus I want my stock to go up...

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