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Hello, I'm Michael Toy.

I'd like to think I am such a complex and interesting person that there is no way you could summarize me in this tiny little space, but that probably isn't true.

Right now, I work in the Silicon Valley, providing technological muscle tempered with some experience and wisdom to whatever random startup I happen to be most interested in.

I also write and perform spoken word poem-like outbursts, when I can find a room of interested people.

I can also be found in the middle of a conversation/friendship which extends across time and space referred to as "The Emergent Conversation", which is simply what happens when a group of people get together and talk about trying to make sense of what it means to be people of faith who don't accept the current formulations of what a "person of faith" is supposed to do.

You will probably find all of these things, and more, in my blog. I hope you find something enjoyable.

I used to use this painting of me for my author-picture. I currently am using the sunny picture. The painting of me as a scarecrow is just one small piece of a larger painting by Frank Wu.


golf, cooking, filmmaking, basketball, postmodern christianity