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Monday, November 03, 2003



Since I have jumped on just about every trend over the last twenty years in the church, I'm leary of the next 'cool' thing. Although I've got to admit it - I like this party thing vs an entertaining sevice a lot. Here I go again ...

Michael Toy


Don't have to apologize for liking the next cool thing. Just admit that you are a culture surfer, and rejoice that God is here on the wave as well as on the shore with those who wonder what people see in blogs.

Robin Green

Maybe, if we seriously try it out, it will bring into sharp relief how much we have yet to learn about having fun.

Darren Rowse

great imagery isnt it. Reminds me of some of the Shalom pictures we get in Scripture - a real party, wholistic, healed and restored hmmm....I like it .


Yea I need to accept that I'm a culture surfer - thanks. BTW - What led you to change the pic? Just wondering - either is cool.

Michael Toy

I changed the picture on a whim. I'll change back to the scarecrow someday, I like it too much. Thanks for noticing.

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