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Monday, May 10, 2004



I love the idea of the rule of Jesus as "natural" (i.e. the real world) and that it is so hard to talk about that natural state when we are suspended in the un-natural state of self-rule, or prince-of-darkness-rule that the scriptures are always saying stand against the rule of Jesus (the kingdom of God). To get a grip on God's rule we have to first loosen our grip on our self-rule or our submission to / complicity with the reign of the enemy powers over us.


You write well, I like reading your blog ... maybe we'll golf together someday


You've captured it pretty well. I consider Derrida to be pretty freakin' generous to spend so much time and energy showing all these people how to do this and with such patience. I know he lost patience now and then (Just like Jesus), but overall, the people who want to attack him or argue with him have receieved so much grace from him that it just astounds me. He had to generate more than equal and opposite force to dismantle the structures which limit our imaginations, and do so on the fly so that there would be room in academia to even have a Voice. God, bless him!


I like what you said about Derrida. He was my teacher.

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