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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Michael Toy

for those who think the F911 was the most biting brilliant piece of truth telling ever to happen, it is at least worth giving a read to the opposing viewpoint. one good site i've found is Michael Moore : Distorting the truth

i expected, knowing michael moore, that all was not as clear as he was claiming. i still like and endorse the the movie -- but the richard clarke quote on the deportation of the bin laden family was pretty interesting.

great quote though, moore described Fahrenheit 9/11 as "an op-ed piece. It's my opinion about the last four years of the Bush administration. And that's what I call it. I'm not trying to pretend that this is some sort of, you know, fair and balanced work of journalism. …"

in the "distoring the truth" page, this is given to show that we can dismiss the movie. as i said in my post, i just think that makes the movie more true. much truer than people who are pretending to be fair and balanced when they aren't.


I'd have to say that the movie was what I expected.
For me it's a hard movie to watch for the same reason "40 days of Purpose" was hard for me to read. Rick uses scripture to support his idea. He takes scripture out of context often using a few words from a verse etc.

Mike does the same thing only with video.
context is important. there are two sides to ever film clip... or more!

Bush sitting there for several minutes was interesting. But I'm not sure I'd be happy if he got up and rushed out of the room... Mike could use that to show he's not a good leader because he looks out of control etc.

I have no idea who I'm going to vote for in this election.

anyway... i'm not sure I said that well or was brief enough but it's something.

Michael Toy


sorry to make you afraid to comment. i just didn't want a long debate on the film to go on here on the lingering lemon. it would be ... un-fruitful. if you disagree, go ahead and say it, but if you've got volumes to say, please just drop a link.

bob c

i am a liberal - cut my bleeding heart the blood flows left

i am follower of jesus - who bled for me so that I might have eternal life

so many fellow followers of this jesus confuse me with their politics and their heroes

then i remember the blood part - and i forget for a moment about labels & positions & talking points & red/blue states

ohh look - a photo op

bob c

sorry - my bad - it was a car wreck


i loved F911... if nothing else just for the experience... pure laughter at some of the parts (the list of the "coalition of the willing", for example) and tears and tears and tears for others. i wish instead of people talking so much about moore's unbalanced view, people would talk about the media/govt unbalanced view- i dont see any war footage on tv like i saw in that movie, footage that shows our actions are destroying children and grandmothers and peoples entire lives- and that yes.... we actually kill people... a lot of them.

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