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Wednesday, July 21, 2004



but what i've been wondering is are we the campers or the homeless?


You know, Michael - last time I was at your house, and saw all those folks hanging around, buzzed on espresso, and showing off all their tattoos by candlelight - this is exactly what I was thinking.

Robin Green

I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the lukewarmness of my church, tired of the bitching and gossip and fidgity with all the inactivity and potential going to waste. The opportunity I had to DJ at your house was invigorating, energising and deeply satisfying. It felt like I had been waiting *years* to do that.

Do you have a mast I can staplegun my colors to?


Aye, but merry fools are we!!

Many moons ago, I had a similar conversation with a good friend who was in a Christian band that played bars as much as they played churches, and he was really frustrated with the constant hyper-religious bitching he always heard because they played in bars, or their newest albums didn't say "Jesus" enough, or some other twaddle.

After letting him vent for awhile, the only advice I could give him was to look to the many people (unknown to the local Christians in their ivory towers) that had been ministered to by the members of his band -- the "least of these My brethren".

There's no pleasing some people. I choose to let their "constructive criticism" roll off my back (not always easy to do!) and do what I believe God has called me to. It's HIM that I ultimately answer to, after all.

Michael Mills

I always enjoy reading your blog anyway; but your line about "fight[ing] over which inerrant understanding ... is correct" is truly inspired.

Jordon Cooper

Thanks Michael. It's brilliant.


YEAH, you hit it right on the head and said exactly what I was feeling!!

I feel like such a foolish person for ever thinking that God is capable of doing a new thing.

Dan Edelen

If, like Jesus, the emerging church is only doing what it sees the Father doing, then it will make fools of the naysayers.

But if the emerging church is merely a knee-jerk reaction to the things it dislikes in the institutional church, then maybe the "idiot" label is appropriate.

The wisdom is in the weighing.


well i don't buy it - sorry!

i love the emerging church stuff - lots of the people i know are committed to following christ and recontextualising faith in the emerging culture. i'm frankly bored with the shallow accusation that all people are doing is drinking espresso and using candles - it's rubbish at least over here. people are busting a gut to be creative and do mission on virtually no budget. they are wrestling with what it means to be faithful to christ in the world we live in.

as for inerrancy - come on... it's not the issue - it's just a pedantic modernist argument. we have to apprach the scriptures in a more fruitful way.

we are damned if we don't welcome the sinner around our tables

i don't encounter much arrogance - i think there is a humility about many of the groups i meet - not wanting to be in the spotlight, just getting on with their local thing and making no great claims for it...

etc etc etc...

maybe it's time to support and encourage those in engaged in mission in our own contexts? they have become the latest subject for cheap shots...


have just re-read your post and realise you don't buy it either - doh!!! ignore the above. at least you got me going!!!! that will teach me to slow down a bit.....

Michael Toy

thanks for all the comments. i appreciate them all.

it demonstrates out one of the weird things about the blogosphere. write a thoughtful reflection on something ... even your mom won't read it.

get pissed off and write something you know you'll regret in the morning, suddenly everyone's commenting.

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