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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Nate Millheim

Michael, thank you for sharing on that last morning in Glorietta. I was so glad that you did.

Mike Stavlund

wow. I keep trying to read this out loud, but my voice keeps cracking. Thanks for giving voice to my soul, Michael.

paul soupiset

thanks, Michael. i was hoping you we're gonna post this. :) - paul soup

Darren Davenport

Michael, glad you posted this as i was touched by your reading of it.

Alan Bean

You have a gift, Michael. Thank you for sharing your words of painful grace.


WOW. Michael. Thank you. That is crushing--but it wonderfully articulates what I've felt. Wow.


Yes, thank you. Now I understand it better. Things like that don't go down orally for me very well. I have to read it a few times. Thank you. So much.

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