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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Ryan Sharp



I agree with Ryan. I also found your poem this morning at the prayer garden amazing moving brave beautiful...and I'm glad you didn't use the rope.

Randy Buist

I'll echo Lora's comment regarding the prayer garden poem! Thanks for sharing it with us! Please post it sooooon.

Eric Mathis

Reading this poem made me realize, for the first time, that the glossy, well written, well photographed, well drawn versions of our society and culture that all mass media sells us isn't, in fact, related to my experience of people in this country, at all. When I'm chatting with someone about life, God, things that matter, I never have the sense that they would want the Sacred River "in convenient recyclable six packs."

Thank you Michael. Wouldn't have seen this distinction without you.

The commodification of everything is a strong capitalist (American) impulse. We do it and enjoy it, but everyday folk (the human heart) aren't pressured or conformed all that much by hypie-hoopla.

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great man :D

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