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Monday, August 11, 2008


Heidi Renee

we call these "kitchen parties" in the maritimes - they are grand times of music and laughter and community. great idea on being "present" - i never realized that i can distance myself with my camera in my hands... have to think about that one.


hey michael... i've posted on here once or twice before. i just wanted to drop a note to you because i'm serving as an editor for a team of adventurers (soupiset, bronsink, fisher, et. al.) who are attempting (once again) to put together an 'emerging' publication for literary artists. i've been struck especially by your poetry. i was amazed at how grounded it is, and that really stuck with me. it reminds me of some stuff i've read by Jack Gilbert. (heard of him?) i dig the prosaic element. anyway, would you be interested in perhaps rounding up some stuff for submission?

Michael Toy

Like all the unpublished people in the world, I am a sucker for people who like my work. As long as my name is next to it, I am so happy that my writings are interesting to more people than me.

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