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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



thanks again michael for being a spectacular and laid-back generous host as well a valuable contributor.


twas a delightful evening, sir michael! thanx to all the toys for your kind hosting of the party. nice to explore missional in middle-earth with a fellowship of techy-geeks, lotr-geeks, and missional-geeks. tri-geekal. hmmm. there's sure to be some kind of analogy there, but will have to sit on it a while to figure it out...


Michael, thanks for hosting the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company of those there.

Glenn R. Wichman

Sounds like your place would have been a nice place to be on September 22nd. I suspect (without having given it a whole lot of thought) that the "online church", like the "broadcast church" is an interesting adjunct to the Kingdom, but not really a new manifestation of it. I think that I live online most of the time -- it is how I keep up with most of the creatures that I keep up with -- but I agree that the Kingdom is about your hands and your feet and your tongue. And poking is not hugging, and hugging is necessary.

Michael Toy

"poking is not hugging"

i like that, i'll be stealing that next time some one asks me about on line church.

Joe Hernandez

Michael, once again, thank your for your opening up your home and allowing me to work in your kitchen and using your grill. I enjoyed our conversation, so that you know, I am also on the journey which is lite by a vision to reach all those yet to be made disciples of Christ. gracias mi amigo, joe

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