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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Rick Bennett

yours is the one reaction I wanted to read (and only one I will probably read) because I knew it would move beyond what is usually written about any such event and get to deeper meaning. I guess one old man wants to know how another old man thinks about such things.

Thanks for the friendship.

Deanne Gibbs-Brown

I really appreciate your report. On some level I feel I know from you some of what went on in the room. The drawing out is important. It bridges, unifies, energizes and allows space to create out of strength. And I've been in many groups where that is hard to get started. But I am not surprised that this EV group would be so creative that it would require more "reigning in" or 're- focusing on defining some 'Next Best Steps."

Intuitively I believe that these great gifts will generate the energy, and the space..... to define 'next best steps' one at a time, over time. Perhaps not as quickly as some might like. But still it will generate goodness in our world.

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