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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Paul Stanley

Seems like the visuals change the greyness of morality complexity into cheap black and white.


Agreed - story was thin and predictable, while the IMAX visuals were stunning.

Geoff White

Thanks for articulating that. You outlined a lot of what I found sort of disquieting about the movie. Most of us, liberal and conservative alike forget that a lot of the "lifestyle" we take for granted is secured by men like Col. Quaritch, in fact many of us indeed are him. Oh we are not former Marines or even soldiers but we do contribute to the Apparatus as we drive our gas guzzlers or drink natural pure spring water that is moved 10,000 miles to our table.

Angi Kortenhoven

But, but, but... Here's the way I see it: We still love the story and we still want to live in it. Even if we hate the movie (aside from the stunning visuals), for better or for worse our souls are tied to this story. Why else would it keep turning up? Maybe it is a myth we need--a myth that engenders the courage of microscopic acts of resistance. We *want* to resist our own Col Quartichness. We want to believe there is room for us to become. We want to rescue and be the rescued. Maybe we want a messiah and want to be one, too. This is the mythology our society is hungry for. Is that so tragic, Michael?

Michael Toy

that is beautiful and cool. i almost hear you, i we don't give the natives a voice, if they are just objects, then yes, it is a beautiful myth, a warning of what will happen if we don't let ourselves be changed, about the power to repent and seek redemption, about courage, about resistance. i wonder how redemptive that myth is if you identify as a native person. yes you get to see the bad guys lose. but you also have to let the invader be the messiah and hero and you get to be the sidekick. it is a story about how the colonizer become even more whole and powerful by adding your diversity to their collective strength. it is a 300 million guilt-offset purchase for the sins of colonialism.

that's my snark for the day.

i really like your reading of the myth too, i like the idea that this is something that is trying to get out, since we keep doing it over and over again.

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