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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Chris anderson

Hey michael! I'm sitting here in the emergency room with my better-half all drugged up (kidney stone -we'll probably be going home soon), typing with 3 fingers on my new ipad... I agree with your conclusion "wierd but wonderful and not necessary". I love mine for how I can do things that I cant use mylaptop for, but it would never replace my macbok!

One more thing that does drive me crazy is the struggle to adjust type sizes in different aplications or websites. Google reader is almowt unreadable for me, and the enlarge feature is not helpful.

I've found all kinds of places in my life, though, where I can see I'll be thinking that I can't live without it... And I feel like a thoroughly spoiled person! i'm appreciating it tonight!

Michael Toy

Yup, and that "just enough computer for on the go" is one of the cool things the iPad does. The RSS app that I like best is "Reeder", and it will sync read/unread status with Google reader, so you can switch back and forth, and might make the font problem less bad.

John L

Is it true the ipad is not multi-tasking?

I recently tried to find a balance between pad and laptop, so got an Eee PC "netbook." About the same footprint as the ipad, but in a tiny clamshell format. Great for traveling, airplanes, etc..

GOOD: 13 hr battery life, super light, dual core 1.5GHz, 2GB, USB 3.0, HD LCD, Win 7, $400.
NOT GOOD: Java tends to crash with multiple open tabs, manual and reality differ (utilities, etc.)

I'm liking it, and assume they'll get the driver / bios issues worked out in a few months.

Michael Toy

iOS 4.2, which ships in the next few days, is multi-tasking, but this is old school multi tasking, where you need to switch between apps. it makes things better, but doesn't make things good ( in my non humble opinion )

if i wanted a small laptop, and i had cash, i'd get an 11" macbook air. it is small, and it works. netbooks are small, and almost work ( i also did a netbook experiment, which i didn't write up )

Scott Furman

The captcha on many web sites display as broken images, making impossible for me to verify that I am not a robot.

Methinks you start from a false premise.

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