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Monday, July 23, 2012



I am therefore sad too. Sorry for the sadness, but join you in it. Peace, friend.


tears... there are millstones for people like that... we are also 5-d people... so sorry for the son. we did youth ministry for 25 years to give other 5-d kids a place to fit in. i pray that he will one day have all of those 5-d facets magnified by the glory of a multidimensional god.


Oh I am sad too. Your quirky wonderful 5-dimension family spread joy and happiness to many. Those other folks just don't know what they are missing else they would be sad too. Love to you and your beautiful 5 dimensions.

Shelley waiau

It makes me sad too.


We needed to hear/read that Michael. Thank you.


So, this probably ought to be deleted as well. But, whenever a group you "belong to" explains that you are not behaving properly, you should be (as your 5th dimensional son should be) grateful that you/he were ejected. Your 5th dimensional life is WAY more important than "belonging" to an organization that can retract that "privilege" whenever IT wants to.

That would not be a group that one should value membership in.

J. R. Daniel Kirk

Sad with you. And amazed at the beauty of the words you've written in coveying the unbeauty of the world.


This is an incredibly gracious way to look back on this experience and a potent reminder that the pain of exclusion lingers to be brought up all over again when you least expect it.


This is a good reminder to me as a youth minister to keep on loving the quirky kids, even when it's hard, even when they don't want to be there, even when I can't lead "my plan" the way I had planned it. My quirky kids are deep thinkers and hard workers. The problem is that no one takes the time to get to know them for who they are. Thanks for posting.

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