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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Mike Morrell

Move to North Carolina, Michael! Let's make that happen. : )

brett fish anderson

sounds like a complete vibe and sounds like you were a huge part of making it that way [especially with all the rain]
i enjoy your writing Toy, you capture the heart of the message
would love to read some of your poetics - do you have a link or something?
have a day
love brett fish


Steve K.

"just one moment after another of goodness, which was plenty good enough." Amen, that was my experience, as well. Transcendence schmanscendence.


Doreen A Mannion

thank you. your post made me laugh and made me cry, and for me said more about what WG should be than any photos or films or posters of well-known authors or singers or preachers or teachers ever could.

Randy Blanton

Thanks for your Herculean effort of carrying GOOFUS in the parade. I was honored to help, but certainly am no angel. Peace!

Jon Eric Smith

You are a blessing Michael . And I think you could get a job writing wine advertisements if you were so inclined .

Michael Toy

Brett, http://sudopoet.net/

Michael Toy

Randy, I'm sticking with my theory about the angels, that is what it felt like.

andrew jones

Sounds awesome, Michael, and also sounds like most days in our travels and life which we spend out of our truck, at campgrounds and on the way with hippies and travelers.

festivals rock. i am happy to see them pop up in all the countries and give us all a taste of the old camp meetings and other historical moments (feast of tents/tabernacles)

i really must get to wild goose one day

pamela chaddock

Michael, you always say it so good...

Andrea Kortenhoven

Just so you know: Life changing mountain top experiences are less mountain toppish and life changing than anyone dares to admit. They fade with time and eventually become footnotes if they make the final draft at all. What really matters is this present moment. Sounds like to me it is a moment of contentment. Hope to join in some day.

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